Business Pastor-Definition…

Business: a person’s work, profession or vocation

Pastor: to shepherd, guide, support and encourage

Business Pastors are clearly called to serve. Thriving on their varied encounters with employees in the corporate office environment, they bring support & care to employees and management.

A Business Pastor has Christian values and seeks to care, listen and help, particularly staff who are experiencing personal challenges. Perhaps in relationships, family, addictions, illness or work for example. We are not there to proselytize, serving people of faith and no faith, but to get to know people and build trust in order to find out their needs and what can be done to help.

Companies may operate an Employee Assistance Programme however, Business Pastors are pro-active versus reactive, visiting your business 2-3 times a week. The engagement of Business Pastors will reduce absence and staff turnover, help staff be more productive, the business be more profitable and allow you to demonstrate care for your most important asset-your people.

We operate as a Social Enterprise with primarily social objectives, whose surpluses are principally reinvested for the purpose in the business or in the community.


The benefits that Business Pastors provide can be viewed in three parts – benefits to individual employees, benefits to the employer and benefits to the business goals.   It is generally accepted that we should see the three areas as interconnected, as achieving a sustainable profitable company goes hand in hand with investment in the employee’s wellbeing.

It Makes Sense!

Commercial Sense.

The case studies & benefits page show the commercial sense in providing for wellbeing in the workplace. Business Pastors take a holistic approach to wellbeing, seeking to assist individuals in all areas of life including the workplace, personal and family life. We all know people can not leave their problems at home, but rather problems with health, relationships, drugs, debt, children etc. can weigh people down affecting them negatively wherever they are.

Holistic Approach.

Business Pastor’s holistic approach recognises the complexity of human beings in understanding that individuals can have various needs physical, emotional and spiritual; Business Pastor’s workplace teams are experienced in supporting people through all sorts of challenges. Our objective is to positively encourage wellbeing and wellness in all areas of life.

Take Positive Action To Show You Care.

Employers are enabled and empowered through Business Pastors to demonstrate genuine care for the lives of their employees, inside and outside of work, without any increased burden on your time, or creating awkward employee employer relations.



Standard Life in the first year after adopting a wellbeing in the workplace approach, estimated it had saved them 1 million pounds. Staff turnover was down 13% and absenteeism was down 25%, to name but a few positive results.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers carried out extensive research, by monitoring case studies and concluded “Workplace wellness makes commercial sense”.   A Gallup study stated “The well-being of employees is also in the best interests of employers who spend substantial resource hiring employees and trying to generate products, profits and maintain loyal customers.”

The latest annual CIPD Absence Survey report stated the median cost of absenteeism is £522 per employee per annum. In a company of 200 this is a cost of £104,400.   In regards to staff turnover an Oxford Econmics reported stated that ‘smaller firms seem able to replace workers at much lower cost, with the smallest firms managing to get a new employee in and up to optimal productivity at a total cost of £22,629, compared to over £26,000 for the 10-49 employee group, and over £30,000 for firms with between 50 and 249 employees.’

A company of 200 staff who reduces their absence by 20% and staff turnover as stated above, via the implementation of pro-active support from Business Pastors could realise savings in excess of £50,000 per annum!


Do you have what it takes to be a Business Pastor?

Do you share our Christian and Social Enterprise values?
Do you have experience of working in the corporate 9-5 office environment?
Are you available for between 10-40 hours a week?
If your answer is YES please get in touch!
Please email jim.grimmer@businesspastors.org with your CV

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