Three pillars for a flourishing workplace

Three pillars for a flourishing workplace

Interesting report by Dr John McGurk, Head of CIPD Scotland.

“Three issues which point to how we can build well workplaces.

  1. The strain of work is down to job design, tasking, scheduling, and training and development.
  2. The lack of social support can be attributed to both the culture of an organisation and working environments that increase isolation, exploitation and threat.
  3. The issue of energy, enthusiasm and pride is down to engagement, and that goes beyond distributing surveys to creating a fundamental sense of purpose for individuals.

These are three issues in which people and development professionals can, and must, intervene.”

Please check out for the report.

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Jim Grimmer is the Founder and Director of Business Pastors Ltd created to serve the business community seeking to bring care, support and encouragement to the workplace. Jim is a father and grandfather and is married to Ashlyn. He had a 20 year career as a Police Officer and has over 17 years experience in Business Development and General Management roles within the oil and gas industry. Jim is also a Founder and Trustee of the registered charity The Business Connection.

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